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State of Mind-series/

Between the real and the virtual, it seems chaotic but balanced.


Taking the universe as the imagery, the dialogue between individuals is carried out through the material changes of objects and the interaction of light and shadow. As our own existence communicates with the world, interacting with each other richly and transforming into a new appearance.


The metal lines seem to create the tangible constraint of the restricted frame, but they may also be a gentle existence, bringing a sense of security and protection. It describes the light, soft and colorful interior, which belongs to the introverted and implicit emotion of Eastern culture.

State of Mind-系列/胸針

庫存單位: 0017
  • 年代-   2021

    材質-   黃銅、尼龍絲

    尺寸-   7.5×3×2 (cm)

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