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「諸幻盡滅,覺心不動。幻滅滅故,非幻不滅。」- 圓覺經



As It Is / origin

“When all illusions are extinguished, the enlightened mind is unmoved.” ___Complete Enlightenment Sutra

After all the illusions have been broken, what remains immutable would be as it is. With the most primitive appearance, return to the origin and regain the initial desire.

如是 / 源

庫存單位: 0015
  • 年代-    2018

    材質-    紅銅

    尺寸-    15x15x10 (cm)

  • -意者歡迎來電或至粉專詢問約賞購買。如有任何疑問歡迎聯絡我們,我們將盡力為您解答。


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