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生命本質的純粹與無形,或許當 下不見其形,但並非不在,而是某種真實的「缺席」,是另一種沉靜而內斂的存 在。


造型上以「氣」為概念。線條與鍛敲肌理呈現出空間亦或時間之流動感。透過光線與空間上的游移、 穿透,帶有些微不連續與不適當的介入,匯聚而成 「渾」。


Chaos- series/

"Chaos" comes from the Lao Zhuang thought of Taoist Philosophy.


The purity and intangibility of the essence of life may not be visible. It might seem as if it is in a state of void though it is within the existence of serenity and humility.


The overall appearance is based on the concept of "Chi," energy currents. The lines and forged textures represent the energy currents for the space and time. Through the movement and penetration of light as well as space, with the touch of discontinuities and inappropriate intervention, they converge and become "Chaos".


庫存單位: 0010
  • 年代-    2020

    材質-    黃銅

    尺寸-    200x120x60; 130x80x30; 95x40x50 (cm)

  • -意者歡迎來電或至粉專詢問約賞購買。如有任何疑問歡迎聯絡我們,我們將盡力為您解答。


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