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Hidden Stream-series/ sculpture

The obscuration and appearance of the Hidden Stream. The existence and absence have no beginning and no end. Extending the rich flow that is inside and outside of each other.


The purity and intangibility in the essence of life may be a quiet and introverted existence, which also has a sense of tranquility between heaven and earth. Taking the concept of jewelry as a carrier, discussing the tangible and intangible in life, extending from jewelry worn by people to jewelry decorated in space. When this space is integrated with the body due to human intervention. Objects dissociate in the space and human body. Existence and separation are so natural.


庫存單位: 0009
  • 年代-    2020

    材質-    黃銅

    尺寸-    250*80*130 (cm)

  • -意者歡迎來電或至粉專詢問約賞購買。如有任何疑問歡迎聯絡我們,我們將盡力為您解答。


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